Wooden bead earrings

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Wooden bead earrings

Using the Dremel VersaTip with its soldering tip, draw straight lines and dots onto plain wooden beads. Practice on spare beads, trying different patterns and designs.

To decorate the painted beads, hold the bead in the Dremel Clamp, then use the Dremel 7700 and gently press the tip onto the bead to make small spots.

Cut a length if wire about 30cm (12”) long and fold it in half. Thread this through the beads and twist around the earring fixings securely and trim the ends neatly.

  • Dremel 7103 Diamond Grit Coated Diamond Wheel Point 2mm

    7103 Diamond Wheel Point Show details
  • Plain wooden beads in different shapes and sizes
  • Silver jewelry wire
  • Earring fixing (two for each pair of earrings)
  • Scissors