Repair dent&Remove rust from Wheel ArchWheel Arch

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Repair dent&Remove rust from Wheel ArchWheel Arch

This is a quick and simple repair you can do yourself making a big difference to the look of your car – avoiding costs at the garage! First, pull out the dent, using a crowbar hooked under the wheel arch at exactly the point where the dent is worst, to restore its proper shape. Then, start to remove the rust by sanding it with the Dremel 8200 and the Grinding Stone Accessory, using the Multi-Chuck to help you change quickly between accessories, until the bare metal can be seen.

Sand the area around the rust with the Dremel 8200 and the carbon steel brush accessory to remove any flaking paint and sand until smooth.

Skim filler over repair.

Sand over entire area with sanding block where the surface isn’t entirely even. Do not use your Dremel for this or you will create grooves in the surface.

Tape brown paper or newspaper around the area to be primed. Prime the area with three coats of car primer. Allow each coat of primer to dry for up to 24 hours. Then spray on paint with matching color. Leave to dry and set hard in a safe place for 48 hours avoiding leaning on the car, brushing up against it or scratching it.

  • Dremel 8175 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone 9.5 mm

    8175 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone Show details
  • Dremel 442 Carbon Steel Brush 13mm

    442 Carbon Steel Brushes Show details
  • Pre-paint dergreaser wax remover solution
  • Cloth or towel
  • Spray-on factory color-matched automotive paint
  • Car polish and wax
  • Brown paper or newspaper